Call for contributions to the Seminar

International Science Exploration Event 2019 Seminar

Supporting entrepreneurship by local authorities in Poland, Slovak Republic and Estonia. Entrepreneurship in a regional perspective. Function of institutions, innovation, history and LGUs support.

7 th-8 th of November, 2019 in Rzeszow, Poland


Entrepreneurship has multiple determinants. They range from history, through institutions, to local government policies. Although the research on entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in modern economy and finance, the factors responsible for new businesses formation are still under debate. The background for this discussion very often is created by features describing the historical experiences and unique local and regional conditions. Moreover, the role of local government policies in entrepreneurship support is still not sufficiently recognized. Therefore, there is still scope for analysing entrepreneurship form regional perspective, especially in post-communist countries. We look for contributions that investigate how local government policies, history and institutions shaping entrepreneurial activity in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with special emphasis on Poland, Slovak Republic and Estonia.

Examples of more specific research questions are:

  • How history, institutions, and innovations determine entrepreneurship in CEE?
  • What are the differences in tools available for local government in process of entrepreneurship supporting across CEE?
  • Which policies for entrepreneurship support provided by local government are the most successful?
  • What are the regional cultural traits, values and traditions conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • What is the role of migration (both regional and cross-countries) in the persistence of innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • What is the role of regional corruption and more generally quality of government as a crucial factor in entrepreneurship and innovation in CEE?
  • What is different about innovation and entrepreneurship performance of regions after institutional shocks, including the end of the Soviet-type regime, and other historical disruptions in general? Is there the effect of the (still longer) historical knowledge base on entrepreneurship?
  • What determines the level of persistence of entrepreneurial activities over longer periods of time? How can persistence of entrepreneurship be explained?

Please find further details in the attached PDF (below).

The project „International Science Exploration Event 2019” has received funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the contract 532/P-DUN/2019 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education allocated to the activities of disseminating science.

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